суббота, 10 июня 2017 г.

Loft - "Dawn"

Визуализация для проектной группы PROforma. Надеюсь, в скором будущем, сможем раскрыть весь интерьер, который получился довольно масштабным. А пока лишь несколько клозапов.

вторник, 2 мая 2017 г.

Hockenheimer Z

Этот пуфик Hockenheimer Z я моделил довольно давно, но он ни в одном проекте у меня так и не был реализован. В скором времени моделька будет доступна на cglife.pro для членов клуба.

понедельник, 10 апреля 2017 г.

Making Of "F230" / English Version

English Version of my Making Of "F230". I think you'll like it!
I will be happy with your comments, colleagues!

Hi, dear colleagues! My name is Vladimir Bolotkin, and on the web I’m better known as “isnogud”. I’m into architecture/interior visualization, though there are exceptions of course! Some years ago I wrote the “Making of” of my projects “Ikea style” and “Inception”. Back then I was actively using Vray in my work, and the project’s creation was described exactly for this package. But since then, years have passed and things have changed and I forgot about Vray, as I’m using Corona Renderer now. 

I think many people are interested in this package and it’s gaining popularity very quickly, so my “Making of” will be straight forward about my work using Corona Renderer for CGlife.pro portal.
I didn’t choose this work by chance but because it has brought me my first award from the Render.ru portal. Now I will talk to you about one room of this high-volume project and your feedback may encourage me to go on with my writing of “Making of”s.
Project designer – Mikhail Tkachuk

The hardest thing is to force myself to start writing this text and then to collect my thoughts and put them in the right order. So – let’s get it started…


It all started with sketches; those were converted into DWG files from Corel Draw. Unfortunately I haven’t saved them and it’s a pity because I would love to show you what they would look like while you’re importing them straight into 3D max. Those who are aware of it will understand me.)) During the conversion there were thousands of odd pixels produced throughout the sketch, and even though fitting the scale was not a problem, clearing the sketch out would have taken plenty of time. It was much faster to re-draw it. So I had to double the work at that stage. Next, there was a volume construction based on re-drawn sketches, room walls decoration, the creation of floor covering and ceilings, lamps inset and the arrangement of windows and doors. In order for it to look more realistic, I added the bricks’ geometry on the outside of the windows’ slopes. 
I think there’s nothing much to display here and I just took a few screenshots. 

Continuation here 

четверг, 16 марта 2017 г.

среда, 15 марта 2017 г.

Анонс конкурса CGlife.pro

В скором времени на нашем портале CGlife.pro начнется запуск сразу двух конкурсов.
1. Лучший Making Of - призовой фонд - 10 000 руб. и членство в Клубе.
2. Лучшая работа недели, призовой фонд - 2 000 руб. Победитель в этом конкурсе будет отбираться раз в неделю. К конкурсу будут допускаться только свежие работы 2017 года. Итак, готовы ли принять участие? Все подробности и дата начала будут озвучены отдельной новостью!